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Ticket Submission Tips

* Write in clear and concise English
* Make sure to include the login information if needed
* Include any error messages in your server, console, or server.log file by pasting to PasteBin or attaching the file itself to the ticket
* Do NOT paste long codes or configs/permissions to the ticket. Either attach the file or paste to (make it unlisted)
* Mention when the problem started and what changes were made immediately before the occurrence
* Basic support covers simple mod/plugin installs, guidance, and general questions.
* More advanced support requests may have additional fees.

Please Note: All tickets are responded to in the order they are received based on last activity, so 'bumping' of tickets will only delay our response. We strive to respond promptly, but keep in mind that we may need to contact third parties, conduct research, test things, etc, before we can make a reply.